Things I’ll be doing over winter break

So, while the other half of the world is enjoying their summer vacation, us Australians are stuck with cold, wet, miserable weather. To top it off, most of the good T.V shows are wrapping up (which kind of gives me more incentive to not become best friends with my electric blanket & kettle). However, because university is awesome… winter holidays are just as long, giving me heaps of time to wind down, wind up and wind sideways.
Here’s what I’ll be doing over winter:

1) Driving- hopefully enough to get my license.

2) Go to the beach- Yes, in winter the coast is friggen freezing, but its also pretty and recluse.

3) Working & making money (snore… one of the perils of being a student. Plus, I kind of want to go to New York next year)

4) Learn a new song on guitarImage

5) The Glee Project & True Blood (enough said)

6) Blog more

7) Apply for a dream work attachment

8) Build up some muscle mass

9) Catch up with old buds

10) Clean my room

11) Bake Brownies

3 thoughts on “Things I’ll be doing over winter break

  1. well here it is ‘summer’ i use the term loosely as i live on the border of England and Scotland and its seriously looks like winter! how old do you have to be to learn to drive in australia?

    1. haha yeah our winters are probably fairly similar to your summers to be honest 😛
      we can start learning at 18 but can’t get our license till we’re 18 and have done 120 hours practice.. it’s rather lame!

      1. ohhh- things might be similar here, i’m not really sure how it works now, i passed like 4 months after i turned 17 and never looked back! haha!

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