Networked Media

A while back I subscribed to a free mailing list to receive daily email’s from life coach, Michelle Vargas  (stop judging me, I like a good train read). I signed up because, let’s face it, I’m just one of those people who doesn’t have a particular knack for getting things done. I’m lazy. So now, each day I receive a motivational email in my inbox, in order to remind me to keep trying to be less like- well, my natural self.
Anyway, the other day as I was enjoying my train ride to work, eyes glued to my iPhone screen, I opened and read my daily email. And this one got me thinking…

The Email

Why do I, without fail, wait until the very last minute to do things? …I always manage to get them done in the end but it’s a fairly bad habit I’ve got to shake. Then I was mentally scanning my ‘things to do’ list…
Essay… check
Histories and Technologies assignment… check
Spanish… check
Start working on editing broadcast assignment… check

I thought I was doing pretty well for myself. But then I remembered…

NETMED! … Something I’ve been meaning to do for weeks now. I made a promise to myself that as soon as I got home I would resume my Networked Media course work.

And so I did.

So here, we have, my ‘Initial Networked Media Post’

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