How To: Make Sense of my Blog and Avoid Infringement

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

See that hefty little symbol there? It means that you (you, being the hypothetical person who reads this blog) are free to share and remix my literary and artistic masterpieces, so long as you attribute my blog as the source. CC License may also be found on my about page, so no funny business.

You will notice to the right of my blog there are categories which help you navigate around my blog.
Rants- Is where I waffle on about nonsense and first world problems
Recounts- Is where I share my real life experiences for your entertainment
Reviews- Is where I inform you of something I enjoy and why I enjoy it
Random- Is where I store posts that don’t quite fit into the other categories
Networked Coursework- In order for me to pass a course I’m taking this semester, I must post various blog posts, to prove that I have a tight handle of the internet. These posts will be published to this category. (Yes, I do resent the fact that this category ruins the whole alliteration thing I had going).

I have also devised a strategy to deal with comments and spam. I have enabled WordPress’s default settings which allows askimet to protect my site from spam, placing the comments in a spam folder or queue for me to review. As for comments, I moderate them. Before a comment is published to my blog, it must pend for my approval. It’s a nifty tool because I also feel inclined reply to comments as I approve them!

No trolls allowed!

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