Locative Media: A Very Short and Awkward Story

Last Monday at 3pm, Michael, Mar and myself started our radio show on SYN. Since we were all quite busy with assessments, we didn’t find time to meet up before the first show to prepare discussion topics and structure. We were confident in our ability to ‘wing it’.

Michael had the task of writing up a short intro to the show, which we would read out at the beginning to inform listeners of what the show would be about. It went a little something like this:

Welcome to ‘The Solo System’, a show where we will discuss the ups and downs of being single. It’s kind of like Sex and the City but theres three of us, and one of us is a guy.

We arrived at the studio a bit before 3pm and decided Michael was going to play the role of panelist and read out the intro. We sat down with our headphones in, ready to get the show underway. As a song was ending, Michael was getting ready to hit play on an ID, turn his microphone on and read out our shows intro.

He was about half way through reading the introduction when I realised I could hear nothing in my headphones, meaning that he hadn’t turned his microphone on and we had just started our show with a good 10 seconds of dead air. He promptly turned his microphone up but I had caught a case of the giggles. I tried to turn away but it was too late: Michael caught them too. He passed the sheet of paper to Mar who attempted to finish reading the intro but caught the giggles as well, throwing it to a song. I exclaimed “Oh my god” in embarrassment, forgetting my microphone was still on.

After the song, we got back into the groove and redeemed ourselves. We moved forward and surprisingly, our first show didn’t turn out so bad!

I placed a QR tag in the studio which links to this blog post:



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