Integrated Media: Sketch Media

Alas, my Korsakow sketch media task is complete and uploaded!

It can be viewed (experienced?) via the following link:

I decided to use 15 media files despite having a lot more to choose from. When I went through to pick out the files I would use, I hadn’t gotten to the point where I knew what my sketch would be about yet. I really just picked the videos that I found were the most visually appealing. As a result, my end product is very abstract and this made it harder for me to provide a thread between the individual files.

Since I wasn’t aware that the Korsakow Film was the end goal of our video sketches, when I undertook the individual constrained tasks, responding to the abstract premises, I didn’t even begin to think of possible links between each film. After playing around with korsakow and my 15 chosen files I began to notice small similarities between the films. When placed in a Korsakow Sketch together it almost seems as though they have a very similar feel about them. There is a certain bleakness and feeling of loneliness to each film. (I’m just going to take a moment here to disclaim here that this was shockingly unintentional and that I’m actually quite happy with my life and not that lonely). There’s no people in my films. Apart from those few clips that feature my extended arm. The other living thing that appears is my little old dog, Toby. This realisation kind of fuelled what I chose to use as text to create a thread between the films. The text is not abstract, nor is it overly poetic. It’s quite explicit in how it reflects what the video is showing. The sentences are somewhat fragmented and jarring to contribute to the feel of the piece. For example, to accompany the video of coffee being poured in milk, the text reads: “Backwards order morning coffee”.

I didn’t really conceive the end product to have any structure at all. In my eyes it is completely non linear and can be experienced in a plethora of different ways yet evoke the same feelings. However, I did choose for the coffee sketch to be the start SNU because the lighting and subject matter of the sketch signifies daytime and morning and I felt it was a good place to start despite the impending multilinear experience.

Overall, I feel as though the work is fairly successful. However, it is somewhat abstract and wont make sense to many people. In this sense, it can be jarring to watch and kind of confusing. On the other hand, I feel like these features contribute to what the sketch as a whole is all about. It leaves room for artistic interpretation without being too whacky or out there.

The most important thing I’ve learnt during this task is definitely how to use Korsakow. At first, the interface of the application frightened me and I struggled to pronounce the word. Consequently, I put off tackling the task for a long time. However, once I forced myself to knuckle down and understand the ins and outs of Korsakow, I actually picked it up quite easy and it wasn’t as complicated as it first seemed. I also found uploading the film a worthwhile task. I previously had basic knowledge of how to use FTP clients but it’s always nice to have the opportunity to practice.