Celebrities/ Characters that have appeared in my dreams

I have the strangest dreams and for the most part I don’t talk about them in fear that people will decode the dreams, and thus discover how much of a whackjob I am.

These are some celebrities that have appeared in my dreams:
Rebecca Black- drove me to a theme park to hang out together
Justin Bieber- was a mate of my brothers
Whitney Cummings- was going to set me up with a man

These are some characters that have appeared in my dreams:
Rachel Berry- and I were having a deep and meaningful conversation about her tangled love life
Ross Gellar- and I were having some quality one-on-one banter as we were washing dishes

Weird, huh?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

A while back, I purchased an awesome DSLR camera to give myself incentive to pursue creative projects. After taking a collection of shots for a high-school assignment I didn’t bother taking the time to learn the ins and outs of the camera. Admittedly, all the photos I took were shot in auto mode (so shameful).

I’m at University now and recently a photography assignment popped up. I whipped out ye olde SLR to take some night-time, slow shutter speed shots (drifting away from auto mode… like a boss). I’m still finding the camera very difficult to use and thus far have gone through lots of trial and error to get the right shot. I had my mind set on taking a long-exposure shot, which apparently is quite a difficult task without a tripod (I learnt the hard way as you’ll see…).

The assignment was to create a photo story based on the prompt ‘The exchange’. So low and behold, my (intentionally/unintentionally… haven’t decided yet) unfocused photo:


You know when you look at a piece of your own work too long and you lose the ability to tell whether it looks artistic or crap? Well, that’s how I feel about this.

Loves and Dislikes

Loves: Coffee, Pepsi Max, Peppermint Tea, Skins, True Blood (vampire fetish: guilty), Friends and other sitcoms in general, Comedians, Music of all genres, My iPhone, My MacBook Pro, Playing guitar, Too many films to name, New York City, YouTube, Photography, Art, The fact that I’m going to Splendor in the Grass Music and Art festival this year, Laughing, Being inside on a rainy day, Being outside on a hot day, Freudian slips, The smell of tequila, Hoodies, Polaroid pictures, Nachos, Bars, Being home alone, Being around people, Meeting new people, Ticking something off my bucket list, Late-Night television (not that kind you sick fuck! …eh, who am i kidding?) Traveling, Snail Mail, Theatre, The percussive-ness of the word ‘fuck’, Acknowledgement.

Dislikes: How messy I can be, When people use ‘ugly’ as an aesthetic property when describing a person, Hate in general, Douchebags, Hangovers, My stubby fingers, Getting cords stuck in the wheel of my office chair, The price of airline tickets, The words “sold out”, Getting my hair stuck in someone else’s button, Ignorant/ close-minded people, Warm toilet seats, Wet hands, When you try to cut a sandwich in half and the filling comes out, Low battery.

Obligatory Introductory Post

I’m a self-confessed lurker. That’s right, one of those people who sit at their laptop, browsing sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube, livejournal etc., watching and reading timelines as they automatically update. Now before you conjure up an image in your mind of a middle aged tubby guy with a beard, hunched over at his laptop spilling potato crisp crumbs on his keyboard as he watches his dashboard intently; that’s not me. Rather, I’m an 18 year old girl from Australia, who loves the internet.

…I’m going to stop me right there. I’m trying so hard not to make this sound cliche and cringey but it’s much harder than I thought, so bare with me please.

Okay, so back to being a lurker. Yes, I’m one of those.
“Lurkers don’t create WordPress accounts and write ‘obligatory introductory’ posts, though!”, You may say. Well, right you are. So why am I doing this? Because I don’t want to be a passive lurker anymore; I want to be active.

Another reason I’ve created this blog is because the other day, as I was doing my daily lurk of the web, I yahoo-answer searched ‘how to land an internship’. That’s when it occurred to me that since I do want to land a career in the media industry at some point in my life, I should probably have a place of my own where I can direct future employers. (Hey future-employers, hey!)

What am I doing with my life other than lurking, you ask?
I’m a university student, studying a Bachelor of Communications/ Media. Some classes I’m taking this semester include editing, cinema studies and writing. I also have a part-time job at a cinema, so when I’m not lurking or studying, that’s where I am (you’ll probably hear about my experiences as a ‘cinema worker’ in entries to come).

I’m random, weird and up until today I’ve been a thinker, but from here on in, I’m going to be a do-er. Goodbye lurking and hello vanity!

My name’s Ellyse, by the way.