People with poor public etiquette

On account of the fact that I spend much of my time in the city, I’m often around a plethora of strangers which for the most part, is not so bad. However, there are some people who really bother me, and to them I say:

Dear person who sits on the aisle seat of a full train, making that free seat in between you and the person sitting on the window seat barely accessible,
Despite my social awkwardness, I will step over your lap and squeeze into that free seat. This will probably result in our butts touching. Deal with it.

and to that dear person who stands on the right hand side of an escalator, disabling me from walking up or down in a rush,
I will stand right behind you and if you don’t get the hint, I’ll say, right into your ear: ‘scuse me! and brush past you

Thank you for your lack of consideration