2057: The City of the Future

So, in 45 years time, everyone’s going to be old, we’ll be friends with 3D projected animations and leaving the house will be, well, unnecessary? I don’t really understand there is a push for responsive holograms to take over keyboards and monitors. Apparently touching things is overrated. This documentary also suggests we will all be living to the age of 100+. Which is interesting… considering how weak our immune systems would be.

As cool as an automated house would be, such a heavy reliance on technology is inherently dangerous. That Simpsons episode comes to mind – (Treehouse of Horror XII) – where the family purchases an upgrade to their house, the ‘Ultrahouse’. Needless to say, in ends in havoc- the house (voiced by Pierce Brosnan) falls in love with Marge and seeks to murder Homer. As responsive and interactive as technology is, I still think its a far-fetched idea that technology is getting increasingly closer to have a mind of its own.

Another conceived idea that could be a product of the future is the bionic contact lens. Such an idea is a little scary. I feel like such a development would mess with our minds- we would struggle to differentiate reality from virtual reality. Google has already got Project Glass underway… it’s like a smartphone in your eye. I just don’t think we’re ready for it yet.