A Week in the Life of Me: Day 7- Tuesday

Woke up at like 5.50AM. Browsed twitter for a bit. Went back to sleep.

Got up at about 10AM for work at 12. Work was BORING!

The Avengers has been in cinemas for ages now. Today I noticed that there are a lot of nice butts in that movie. Someone should make a montage of all the butts in the Avengers. There are seriously so many closeup shots of sexy, athletic, superhero butts!

I’m yet to start watching the current season of True Blood. I forgot it had returned for a while. It’s kind of a good thing though because True Blood episodes are more enjoyable when watched back to back (I don’t handle suspense well).

Was contemplating hitting up a bar with the friends tonight but I chose to wash my hair and watch T.V instead. Work is draining me!!

So this has been 7 days in the life of me. Just an ordinary, average, boring, mostly disappointing week. Sadly, the most exciting thing that happened to me was getting my wallet stolen at a nightclub. Such is life I guess!

Looking back at the lack of action and un-productiveness (that’s not a word) I’ve kind of been inspired to be less lazy and make more of an effort to do something with my life. I need excitement! Excitement will be had!


Celebrities/ Characters that have appeared in my dreams

I have the strangest dreams and for the most part I don’t talk about them in fear that people will decode the dreams, and thus discover how much of a whackjob I am.

These are some celebrities that have appeared in my dreams:
Rebecca Black- drove me to a theme park to hang out together
Justin Bieber- was a mate of my brothers
Whitney Cummings- was going to set me up with a man

These are some characters that have appeared in my dreams:
Rachel Berry- and I were having a deep and meaningful conversation about her tangled love life
Ross Gellar- and I were having some quality one-on-one banter as we were washing dishes

Weird, huh?